Whether you are planning to build or renovate, the Sassi Design Team are the experts you can call on to ensure your investment reaches it’s maximum potential.

At Sassi our mantra is “Choose your own style”. We think it’s important that you love the space you live in. Why spend all that time and money if the finished product turns out to be just OK? You want your home to be special right?

You want to create a look that is unique and makes a statement about you and your personality and a design that best suits the style and construction of your home or property that you are decorating – and so you should!

The Sassi Design team believe that great design should seduce, shape and evoke emotional response in those who experience the space.

At Sassi we are focused on creating spaces that truly represent our clients personality, lifestyle and functional needs. We are passionate about great design and we’d love to assist you. We make decorating easy!

Contact the store today and make a time to brief us on your project. Just bring in your floor plans or photos of the space you are looking to refurbish and we can help from there.

Happy Decorating!

Jenelle Knight – Sassi Design

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